Computer Role-Playing Game (abbreviated CRPG or RPG) – is a genre of computer games based on the gameplay elements of traditional desktop role-playing games. In role-playing game, the player controls one or more characters, each of which is described by a set of numerical characteristics, the list of skills and abilities; Examples of such characteristics can be hit points (HP), indicators of strength, agility, defense, evasion, the level of development of a particular skill, and so on. n. During the game, they can change. One of the characteristic elements of the gameplay is to increase opportunities characters by improving their parameters and learning new skills. At the CRPG genre much in common with desktop role-playing games like Dungeons and Dragons – jargon, setting, gameplay mechanics. Typically, the player controls one or more of the main characters (“Party”), and achieves victory by completing tasks (“quests”), participating in tactical battles and reaching the end of the story. A key feature of CRPG in the fact that characters grow in ability and this growth is often controlled by the player. CRPG, except subgenre «action RPG», rarely rely on physical coordination and reaction. CRPG usually rely on thoughtful story and game world. The plot is usually divided into a series of tasks (“quests”). The player gives the character the team, and he performs them in accordance with the numerical parameters responsible for the quality of the team. When a character gains a certain amount of experience points, he gets another level, and these figures are increasing. CRPG often offer more complex and dynamic interaction with NPCs the player than the other genres – it may be provided as the development of artificial intelligence, and hard-coded behavior of the characters. RPG gameplay elements found in other genres of computer games: turn-based strategy, real-time strategy, shooters from the first or third person, and so on.

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Mount & Blade: Warband is the first sequel to the action role-playing video game Mount & Blade. First announced in January 2009, the game was developed by the Turkish company TaleWorlds Entertainment and was published by Paradox Interactive on March 30, 2010. The game is a continuation of the single-player multiplayer role-playing game Mount & Blade. Like its progenitor, «Mount & Blade: Warband» differs with special combat system that allows players to ride and fight on horseback, and with medieval atmosphere. The action takes place in fictional medieval times, but the fantasy elements are missing. The new role-playing system will allow the player to surround themselves with followers and become the ruler of his own kingdom, and to grant land and take noble knights as his vassals. The player will be able to marry the lovely lady for the benefit or for the love of the beautiful. Unless, of course, be able to win her heart poetry and courage ahead of competitors. The game introduces a new combat system, which includes a dynamic system parry and block board. Throwing weapons can be used in close combat, you can pick up any used shells. Some types of attacks with knives to protect against mirror enemy attacks. There are not radical changes in the single-player mode, and the smaller ones will not notice immediately – after all we are talking about the project with open world. But prettier graphics catches the eye. Warband is endowed with gentlemanly set of visual effects including HDR and replace the “depth of field”. More detailed became models and textures of characters. To feel all the differences, you need to spend at Warband at least a few days. Hero will become stronger, stop chasing the bandits on Forests and will come out into the political arena. This is where the most interesting, because instead of service in one of the kings of the player is now able to set up their own state, and with due diligence to combine all Calradia. His vassals will be NPC lords of the order or other principalities, disappointed in the previous lord. By the way, to five states joined familiar Sultanate of Sarranid. Battles become more meaningful, even though they are not involved of 100 soldiers (as in the original), and 150. With the new control system, the leader can give orders, continuing to gallop at full speed. To send a subordinate to a certain point, it suffices to hold the F1 button and put the cursor mark. Orders are more complicated hidden in the contextual menu. To use them is much more convenient than the old “strategic” screen. Define your own types of units in addition to the standard “infantry”, “cavalry” and “arrows” can be flexibly manage the maneuvers and do minimal losses. The fact that is just the beginning, and the Mount & Blade waits cloudless future, there is no longer any doubt. Because Warband – not just a sensible game, make a fuss in the medieval “sandbox” even more exciting. Adding multiplayer battle, the authors have provided the game cult status for the years ahead.

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